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Friday Financial Fitness Tip
Friday, 01 June 2012 14:05


Avoid Temptation

Just as when you are dieting you don’t stock chips, chocolate and pop in your house – you can avoid being tempted to purchase things that you neither need nor have planned on spending. This is easier said than done, I can attest to that fact today.

I just had cataract surgery yesterday, so am not supposed to do any heavy work or be on the computer, so I thought I’d make use of the day and do my “weekly” shopping trip. By shopping just once a week, it not only saves time and gas, but also limits the amount of time you are exposed to bargains, sales and other temptations. I also do not like shopping at all, so limiting to a once weekly trip is not a hardship.

Whenever I do my shopping day, I make it a point to shop with a list and do my very best to stick to it, unless there are some great sales on food or household products that I know I’ll use and can stockpile representing future savings. Having said all that, however, I fell off the wagon today. I had “dress shoes” on my list as I have a couple of weddings this summer that I needed to a pair of shoes for. I checked all 4 shoe stores within the mall and ended up with: a pair of dress shoes, a pair of casual boots (60% off going out of business sale), a pair of spring/fall boots (50% off) and a pair of sandals (in the clearance rack for 70% off). Now, while these represent GREAT savings – the end result is I spent a lot more money than I intended, and came home with an extra THREE pairs of footwear. The only other one of these that was a “needed” item was this pair of sandals, which I wasn’t going to buy today, but took advantage of the sale. Still…..that means two extra pairs that I had not intended on getting – hmmmm.

Now anyone that knows me really well will understand how out of character this was for me – however, temptation set in (and I couldn’t come home and work anyway, so why not??? – and so the justification goes). Is there justification for pity shopping?

The rest of my shopping continued on a more “thrifty” and responsible manner, with some great scores at the second hand store…walked out with 3 pairs of Capri pants, and 6 summer shirts for less than $80.00 – all of which I needed because our summer clothes are still on the boat as we usually go sailing earlier in the season – so I’m feeling a little over dressed in turtle necks with 27 degree temperatures. I bought my vitamins, in advance of when I needed them because they were 50% on sale. This is a true savings – unlike the “perceived” bargain of the extra boots that I didn’t need!

The final stop was the grocery store, where I only buy what is currently on sale and stock up on the truly great deals that I know we’ll use. My kids used to always mimic me by saying “you can never have too much ketchup”. My one indulgence at the grocery store is fresh flowers, but I love them so much, I plan to spend on them. Flowers are clearly a top priority for me.

So while I managed to redeem myself on this “forced” shopping excursion, the purchase of two pairs of boots remains one of impulse and temptation. Also, (I’ll come totally clean here) not sure how I can really justify the half price chips and dip and chocolate which will be for our Saturday night pig-out. The moral of the story is: best to avoid stores for temptations to spend and also the snack aisle if you’re trying to eat well and stay healthy. I’ll cut myself some slack this week – after all I had an operation, right? Self-justification is great, but life is easier and less expensive just to avoid the temptations in the first place.  Have an amazing weekend!


The weekend is here
Friday, 25 May 2012 16:50

Happy Long Weekend

The work week is over – hopefully and now you have the long weekend stretched out in front of you to enjoy the “fruits of your labor”.

Are you going to allow yourself this special time to spend with friends and family doing the things that you are passionate about? Or, are you going to tell yourself that you are too busy? That is just a story – one you’ve told yourself so often that you start believing it. Now is the time to change what you think about yourself.

It is so important to keep your life and your work in perspective. Work will always be there, but your life is slipping by one minute at a time –never to have again.

You can get yourself organized to work hard when you are working and play hard when you are playing. You can set your own boundaries and be sure to be present for those you love during your leisure time. The word recreation means “recreating” and isn’t it true that if you take a break and recharge doing things you love, you actually are more energized and productive?

Make your life, your family/friends and passions come first. Your life will be richer for it.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and hug someone you love!


Work to Live
Friday, 11 May 2012 10:09

"Work to live - don't live to work. Money is a renewable resource - time isn't"

Friday, 11 May 2012 09:55

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