Great website for drawing names
Tuesday, 13 November 2012 16:31



This year is going to be a challenging Christmas for many families, so it is a good time to start some new traditions where you concentrate more on “doing” things than buying things. I wrote about this a few weeks ago, but as the season fast approaches, it is a good idea to take another look.

As discussed, a great idea to reduce expenses and the stress and hassle of buying for every member in a family, is the concept of a “Secret Santa”. This means picking just one name and setting a dollar amount that everyone has to keep within…i.e. $50.00. My niece has just told me of an awesome website called where you can register your family, or workplace or whatever group you are doing gift draws for. This website will manage everything for you including doing the draw and emailing each person with the name of who they will be buying a present for. It also has features where you can communicate anonomously with gift suggestions or asking a question of your recipient. Sounds like a fun way to make this more interactive, without spending anything extra.

Another idea is to give presents that are for “free experiences” rather than for a bought gift. A good suggestion for your spouse or your whole family might be to commit to going to a new park in your area, once a week until you have been to every park. Your local tourism department or Chamber of Commerce will have free guides on public parks in your area. Be creative and have some fun thinking up fun, or inexpensive outings to do together.

Please send me your ideas for a more frugal Christmas or gift giving at any time of the year.

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