I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from your book and will be passing it on to both of my grown and married children who are at an age to really set up to live life fully and financially free. Thank you for sharing your most important principles!
Peace and happy travels,

Common sense is the most uncommon commodity and is an essential for everyone who wants financial success.  I have subscribed to a few dozen financial advisory newsletters and find them impossibly P.T. Barnum-like in their approach, almost as bad as major financial advisers who are interested only in making a commission on your investments!  I suggest you read and heed Diane's advice and take responsibility for your future financial security.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.,President, Holos Institutes of Health www.normshealy.com

Do yourself a favor  and read this life-enriching book.  Diana gently encourages you to apply the basics of personal financial management and teaches you how to take control of these simple principles in your own life.  In fewer than 12 weeks, by giving yourself permission to focus on your financial education for only a half an hour a day,  you will emerge in peak financial fitness. You simply can't afford to pass up this book. You deserve it!

Susan Smith Jones, PhD, author of The Joy Factor and Walking on Air

Diana's book 'Financial Fitness for Beginners' is written in a friendly and encouraging manner to take out the mystery of personal financial management. In this step by step 12 week program, you will become the master of your own financial fitness. Learn proven tips on improving the quality of your life by eliminating debt, earning more by working less and saying no to budgets forever!

Peggy McColl , New York Times best-selling author, international speaker/mentor

We just got back from Mexico for a 7-day vacation and I took your book to read it.  I think Financial Fitness for beginners is awesome!  Really good information for young  people, very easy to read, and I like the fact that the planning  was broken into easy "bite size' pieces.  I enjoyed it very  much.  I gave it to my sister and she is going to read it and will also be ordering it for her kids.  Well done!

Linda J., Edmonton, Alberta

Great Book! An easy read and easy to understand. Years ago I read "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" so I have done almost everything that Diana has suggested over the years and I am living the life of my dreams. I bought several copies to share with my family and friends so they too can enjoy financial freedom.I love that I can go on-line and download everything I need to track my income and expenses and have my current financial statements at my fingertips.I found that because Diana compares a lot of financial fitness to physical fitness her book also motivated me to get out and get some exercise and work on my physical fitness as well.

Anne Affleck, White Rock, B.C.

I bought this book for my 18 year old son because I'd hoped it would combine some financial management theory with a hands on practical approach. He'd taken a mandatory planning course in high school but I felt it didn't emphasize the lifelong importance of sound money management.

Three months later, however, my son still hasn't seen the book. My wife and I read it and were surprised and pleased by the amount of useful information it contained for adults. The book is now on its third neighbor and two of them have ordered copies for their own children.

The linkage between physical and financial fitness is what distinguishes this book from others I've read. The content in most financial... self-help books is similar but Ms Young provides a structural framework to apply the theory which parallels more familiar physical fitness programs. This will make it especially appropriate for young people who seem much more comfortable learning in structured environments.

Ms. Young's liberal sprinkling of motivational aphorisms throughout the book had an unexpected side effect for me. "Nothing tastes as good as feeling thin" was exactly what I needed to repeat to myself every time I had a meal choice. I've lost fifteen pounds in three months!

This book is an excellent choice for young people just starting out on the financial road or others who have fallen off the financial wagon and need some help climbing back on.

Seoras A., Victoria, B.C.

A friend suggested I read this book as she knows I generally enjoy all financial writings and analysis. I found Financial Fitness for Beginners particularly timely and extremely well laid out. The Wealthy Barber was a book for its time and Financial Fitness for Beginners is a wonderful book for these times. The positive encouragement and easy to understand writing guides the reader through a means of escaping debt not through magic but through a well planned, sensible approach based on an understanding of how debt and debt reduction works. In a time when so many people of all ages are finding that their accumulated debt is spiralling out of control, independent action must be taken. Following this book would help them reach a place of peace where they are once again in charge of their financial lives. I work with young people and will be encouraging them to take this book to heart and to incorporate it into their own lives.

Christina Roy

I thoroughly enjoyed Diana Young's "Financial Fitness for Beginners". Too many people have the audacity to give advice on subjects they will never personally qualify to discuss. Diana is the exception - she speaks from personal experience and success. I can't learn anything from a "Financial Planner" who can't even afford to put gas in his car - and there are plenty of them!

What I like about Diana's manual was that it is practical, realistic, and easy to understand, and what sets it apart from boring financial tomes is her positive, no-excuses attitude towards personal responsibility. You have created your circumstances, and only once you accept responsibility for that can you even consider solving your problems and achieving your goals. This is an excellent, hands-on financial companion that will help you achieve your financial goals with balance and the insightful leadership you won't get from a bank manager or a Realtor.

I wish every school child would receive a copy of this valuable book, along with "Atlas Shrugged". Thank you, Diana, for sharing your experience and learning with people - I look forward to you receiving the recognition you so richly deserve. I am going to present my copy to my daughter. And THAT, my friend, is the best compliment I can possibly pay you.

Robin J. Elliott www.DollarMakers.com

I picked it up and couldn't put it down. I became engulfed and intrigued by the innovation, sincerity, humble humour, easy to understand logical simplicity of the financial burdens we are all faced with. Most of all the fact that it is paralleling the so common complexities of financial and physical fitness facing our youth and young adults currently and into their immediate future. Easy enough for those who have not been exposed to the realities of the mighty dollar world, the late teens to the mid thirties and fascinating enough to keep me wanting to learn more about the process. Highly recommended reading for late teens to middle age and also for parents of teens as a study and mentoring guide into their adult financial and physical life. Can’t wait for the next book!

Fatima da Ponte BA, B Ed, CGA